Boston  Eye Lift

Removing under eye bags through blepharoplasty

Eye lift surgery is a popular form of cosmetic eye surgery known as blepharoplasty. Getting an eyelift from Boston surgeons will generally involve removing excess skin from under eye bags. Aesthetically, most people do not consider under eye bags attractive, though they are not harmful at all. Removing the under eye bags through an eye lift surgery also makes you look appear younger, since as you are older, skin sags.

If you get a blepharoplasty procedure from Boston surgeons, any vision problems that are caused by sagging skin can be improved. Under eye bags can impair your peripheral or side vision. Through blepharoplasty, you can fix these issues. However, blepharoplasty will not fix any issues that are not directly caused by under eye bags. After all, eye lift surgery is not meant to correct vision specific problems. Looking years younger is another benefit to getting a great eye lift surgery. Blepharoplasty will make your skin firmer and younger looking by eliminating your under eye bags. Eliminating the under eye bags will also make applying make up a lot easier.

Under eye bags are caused by a few things. As you age, skin loses its elasticity, which leads to sagging. The sagging skin can be exacerbated by sun exposure, weight loss, or stress, among other things. A blepharoplasty will relieve the sagging skin by removing some of the excess. An eye lift surgery is an easier and cheaper alternative to a full facelift.

Determining whether or not an eye lift surgery is right for you, consult your Boston surgeons. This method of cosmetic eye surgery is not for everyone and there are some risks. A lot of factors go in to determining whether or not this surgery is right for you, including your age and reasons for needing the surgery. Boston surgeons have gone through years of the best schools and are incredibly qualified to make this decision with you as well as perform the eye lift surgery themselves. Boston surgeons will answer any questions you have at any point during your blepharoplasty procedure.

The eye lift surgery can be expensive, though it is less expensive than a full facelift. During the decision making process, make sure to consult with your insurance company to determine whether or not you can get the procedure covered. Depending on your insurance company, the amount you get covered can be influenced by your reasoning for getting the surgery. If you are getting it for purely aesthetic reasons, your insurance may only cover a minimal amount of the procedure.